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Ken Dicken

The internets #1 Authority on growing and caring for Apple Trees.

Ken Dicken

Ken Dicken

Ken Dicken was born 1960 in Seattle, Washington. At the young age of 9 he started traveling with his father from the big city to a little valley nestled in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains. There Ken and his dad spent many weekends putting in a new orchard and replanting the existing trees on the newly acquired farm.  Soon the family moved to the farm and his orchard career was launched.

Starting as a sophomore, and throughout his high school years, Ken managed the operations of three orchards totaling 49 acres as well as continuing to help on the family orchard.  Managing these orchards while in high school, earned him the 1978 Future Farmers of America State Star Agribusiness award.

In the early 1980’s Ken owned his own orchard, maintained the family orchard and helped with the field operations on a 1200 acre apple and pear orchard.  This gave him the fortunate opportunity to be tutored by Dr. Seeley, a renowned orchardist.

At the end of the 1980’s and early 90’s Ken became responsible for operating a 1000 acre apple and tart cherry orchard.  The day to day responsibilities included managing and operating an apple packing line and tart cherry processing line.  Designing, fabricating and relocating a complete apple packing line, resulted in a 50% increase in line production.  Ken also assisted in fabricating and installing an entire cherry processing line capable of processing over 1 million pounds a week.  His responsibilities consisted of processing, packing, overseeing quality control, shipping, regular refrigeration and controlled atmosphere storage of apples and tart cherries.

Field work included pruning, bee placement for pollination, frost control, grafting, tree training, thinning, pest reduction and control, ground cover control, rodent control, soil management, irrigation and water management, harvesting and winterization.

In 1995 Ken had the opportunity to assist in establishing a new 1500 acre apple orchard.  He was responsible for the daily activities of planting and growing nearly 1 million apple trees and the supervision of over 700 people during peak work loads.

Over the years Ken has had the chance to attend many orchard related classes including horticulture, soil and pest management.  He also has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.

Ken has five amazing children and nine grandchildren (and counting).  Ken is excited at the prospect of planting new trees this spring!